A b o u t   t h e   P r o j e c t

    The Taleon 3 project is a continuation of the two already completed investment projects for the reconstruction and restoration of the building of cultural and historical significance located at number 59, Moika Embankment (or 14, Bolshaya Morskaya Street).
    The project envisages the reconstruction and restoration of the buildings facing onto Nevsky Prospekt and Bolshaya Morskaya Street (15, Nevsky Prospekt - Chicherin's House; 14, Bolshaya Morskaya Street - Kosikovsky's House). These buildings form a single architectural and town-planning ensemble with the existing building of the Taleon Club and Eliseev Palace Hotel, whose facade stands on the embankment of the River Moika (number 59).
Eliseev Palace Hotel has been renamed into Taleon Imperial Hotel on January, 1st, 2008.

Implementation of the Taleon 3 project will result in the unification of all these objects into a single complex that will include, besides the present Taleon Club and a Eliseev Palace Hotel expanded to 90 suites, retail and public catering premises, a cinema-and-concert hall and a 25-metre swimming pool.
    The present appearance of the complex formed gradually with the construction of the various buildings, beginning in 1768-71, when the first of them was put up on Nevsky Prospekt. The building on Bolshaya Morskaya Street was created in 1814-17 to the design of the architect Vasily Stasov; the one on the Moika Embankment in 1860 to the design of the architect Nikolai Grebenka. In 1902 another architect, Alexander Hammerstedt, reconstructed this building for the banker Stepan Yeliseyev In 2001-03 Yeliseyev's mansion on the Moika Embankment was reconstructed to become the Eliseev Palace Hotel complex (the Taleon 2 project). In the building on Nevsky Prospekt the Barrikada cinema functioned until 2005. The remaining parts of this building were occupied by residential apartments, enterprises and shops (tenants and subtenants). Some rooms were not being used in any way. The buildings were in an unsafe condition and indeed Chicherin's House represented a serious danger to the lives of both its occupants and passers-by.
    By the time the relevant investment agreement was signed with the St Petersburg Government's Committee for the Administration of Municipal Property in January 2005, the tenants had been moved from the communal apartments in the buildings scheduled for reconstruction (a total of 3,500 square metres of residential space was bought up). The investor carried out a detailed study of the buildings and their separate constructions and carried out a complex of work preparatory to the start of construction and reconstruction. The implementation of the Taleon 3 project will entail a thorough reconstruction of the buildings, including reinforcement of the foundations, strengthening of the walls and the piers between windows, replacement of the floors and other operations. The facades and interiors of historical and cultural significance will be carefully restored. An additional fifth storey will be added in the form of a mansard around the inner perimeter of the entire complex. The accommodation of the future hotel will be located on the second to fifth storeys of the blocks facing Bolshaya Morskaya Street and the Moika Embankment. Suites located in the fourth and fifth storeys will have windows overlooking Nevsky Prospekt.
    The project calls for the construction of a covered 25-metre, four-lane swimming pool at 6th- and 7th-storey level in the central part of the complex on the same axis as the atrium space, concert hall and grand staircase. At one end the swimming pool will abut the utilized roof area which is a viewing platform providing a panoramic view of the city, including Nevsky Prospekt, the Kazan Cathedral and Palace Square. The lower storeys of the new complex will contain retail and office premises.

   Estimated project cost 105 million US dollars
Total project area 16000 square metres
Start of project implementation January 2005
Planned start of exploitation September 2008
Authorization St Petersburg Government Resolution 1987 of 14.12.2004