A b o u t   t h e   p r o j e c t

    The unique capital investment project has been accomplished consisting in the restoration and reconstruction of the private residence of Count A. Sheremetev (the former Mayakovskii Writers’ House) located in St. Petersburg at the address: 18 Shpalernaya Street (4 Kutuzov Embankment ).

    The reconstructed and restored mansion has housed the top-grade Residence Taleon Sheremetev Palace implemented in accordance with the residence hotel concept which is unique for the Russian market. The renovated palace includes 7 exclusive apartments, 2 of which are president-class, 3 suites and 2 classic variants. The historic interiors of the building have been completely reconstituted. The restoration work has been performed with the application of unique technologies and materials. For the detailed information on the residence, visit our site www.sheremetevpalace.com

The overall floor area of the building is 4,900 sq.m.

Main design decisions

    The repair and reconstruction work on the facades of the building facing Kutuzov embankment, Krichevsky pereulok and Shpalernaya Street have been accomplished on May 2003.

    Upon the necessity to install a multilevel hall covered with a glass dome in the area of the courtyard the palace facades were partially changed. The general idea of the design lay in building of new bearing walls lengthwise the existing palace facades exactly pattering all window apertures and eaves. These new walls are used as bearings for a single-pitch glass dome. In its upper point the dome doesn't towered over the eave of the palace corps, i.e. keeps the existing silhouette of the building unchanged. The boiler room is located over the palace wing on the roof.

    The courtyard is bridged with three levels. The first level is located on the ground floor. There are a kitchen of the restaurant and service area - under the bridging. On the second bridge there is an atrium, in which the reception service and a cafe will be located. The third level is designated for a winter garden and poolroom.

    A supporting structure which is installed alongside of walls of the courtyard serves as a bearing for the bridging of the atrium. At the level of entresols of the second and third storey there are balconies in order to connect the premises adjacent to the multilevel hall which is equipped with two panoramic elevators.

    The ground floor was slightly restructured. There are the front street door, a dressing-room with halls and WCs, service and technical premises, technological rooms of the food block.

    On the first floor there are the front entrance hall, outgoing on Krichevsky pereulok, front staircase, restaurant, bar, kitchen of the restaurant located on the first level of the bridging of the courtyard and service staircase with premises and lobby outgoing on Shpalernaya Street.

    On the second floor one can find an enfilade of main premises which are finished in the original architecture style, the atrium and service premises.

    Mezzanine floors of the second floor are built-up with service premises.

    On the third floor there are hotel rooms, offices and service premises.

    Hotel rooms, offices and service rooms are also on the forth floor.

    The fifth floor is fully filled with technological rooms (air ventilation chambers, collector rooms and so on).

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