T a l e o n    C l u b

Taleon Club is located in unique Eliseev mansion located at the intersection of Moika Embankment and Nevsky Prospekt. The building was constructed on the basement of the former temporary Winter Palace of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. At various times the building was known as Chicherin House, Kurakin House, Peretz House, Kosyakovsky House, Eliseev House, and even the House of Arts. The Eliseevs were peasants who became successful merchants turned nobility, patrons of the arts and bankers dealing on markets worldwide. The family acquired the building in 1858. The Eliseev Palace acquired its present look in the middle of the 19th century. The Eliseevs became the embodiment of Russian entrepreneurship. In the early 20th century the Eliseevs were one of the brilliant Russian families. Their personal talents, successes and wealth stood for the country's capabilities and industrial achievements. Taleon Club is proud of the Eliseev family history.

In the restaurants of Taleon Club you will not only enjoy the exclusive gastronomy of the dinner prepared for the club's gourmets. You can also try one of the best Russian cuisine dinners served in Victoria Restaurant and on the terrace, which overlooks the magnificent Kazan Cathedral.

Enjoy the cozy comfort of red leather chairs in Atrium Cafe, and then go downstairs into the Lobby Bar, a favorite place of the club's frequenters.