Saint-Petersburg Law Academy

    Non-governmental educational institution of higher vocational education Saint-Petersburg Law Academy carries out the instruction of certified specialists in compliance with requirements of the state educational standard of higher professional education for specialty 02 11 00 - jurisprudence. Qualification - lawyer. Areas of practice - Civil right.

    License of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation 000777 dated May 28, 2003. Certificate of State Accreditation 001103 dated August 1, 2003.

    Address: 114 A, Obukhovskaya oborona prospect, St. Petersburg 192012
    Tel: 262-76-24, 262-76-27, 380-00-47, fax: 380-00-47, e-mail:,
    Internet address:

    Rector - Stanislav ZYBIN, honored worker of science of Russia, doctor of legal and historical sciences, professor.