Joint-stock commercial bank «Constance-bank» CJSC

    Joint-stock commercial bank «Constance-bank» CJSC is registered by the Bank of Russia on 11 January 1993 as the Port bank closed corporation (Registration number 2228). On June 1998 by the decision of the bank's shareholders the status of closed corporation has been renamed in Joint-stock commercial bank «Constance-bank» CJSC. The main scope of activity of the bank consists in financial, accounting, cash and other types of banking services including private person money transfers without opening a bank account.

    In the course of activity of the Bank its authorized capital has been gradually increasing. On November 2003 The Center for Humanitarian and Business Cooperation became the principal shareholder of the Bank.

    The structure of the Bank is composed of a head office and a branch with operational counters and exchange bureaus in it. Development of corporate and retail business of the Bank is based on providing clients with high-tech banking products and accommodation. The Bank has stood the test of time and shown itself to be a sure-footed and stable financial institution performing its obligations to the creditors and depositors in a timely manner. Firm relationship that the Bank sets up with its clients is based on reciprocity of economic views.

    Address: 55A, Bolshaya Morskaya St., Saint-Petersburg, 190000, Russia
    Tel: 325-76-79, fax: 325-76-79, TELEX 914970 CONST RU.
    Internet address:
    Operating hours: 9.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m., work with clients: 9.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.

    Chairman of Board - Eldar DYGOV