Taleon OJSC

    The history of the existing nowadays group of companies originated from the establishment in 1992 of the closed corporation named The Center for Humanitarian and Business Cooperation and restructured afterwards into the open joint-stock company.

    Mr. Alexander EBRALIDZE is the Director General of The Center for Humanitarian and Business Cooperation OJSC - the group's parent company - since 1993.

    By special decision of the shareholders meeting dated September 12, 2005, The Center for Humanitarian and Business Cooperation OJSC changed its name to Taleon OJSC.

    The scope of activity of the group includes different lines, such as club, hotel, restaurant and gambling industries, concentrated in general under the aegis of the
Taleon Club. Besides, there is a success in development of travel industry, juridical consulting, show-business, publishing activities, security services. The significant element of the group is Constance Bank passed under Taleon OSJC overall control in 2003.

    The direction and shareholders of the Company traditionally attach no small importance to socially significant lines of activity. Thus since 1997
Saint-Petersburg Law Academy has been graduating qualified lawyers.

    The most remarkable line of activity of the group intensively developing in recent years is closely connected with capital investment projects on reconstruction and restoration of situated in the center of Saint-Petersburg buildings - monuments of cultural and historical heritage. This direction is deal with by Taleon OJSC and its affiliated company
The Eliseev Palace Hotel LLC which was specially established for this purpose.

    In 2001-2003 Taleon OJSC successfully realized the Taleon-2 large-scale capital investment project on reconstruction of the former Eliseev's house. The construction and repair work on general strengthening of the house footing and walls, on renewal of covering, utility facilities as well as other necessary operations assured the integrity of the building during at least next hundred years have been executed. The main purpose of the reconstruction was to create a unique five-star hotel complex
The Eliseev Palace Hotel.

Eliseev Palace Hotel has been renamed into Taleon Imperial Hotel on January, 1st, 2008.


    The restoration of the mansion formerly owned by Count Sheremetev at 18 Shpalernaya Street (the former ouse of writers named after V.V. Mayakovsky) is ongoing. The fire broken out in 1993 because of negligence of its "owners" has caused catastrophic damage to the building. After the fire the anciently luxurious mansion has been destructing without roof and heating during 7 years. At last in 2001 the building was conveyed to Taleon OJSC on investment terms.

    Thanks to the investor's activity by the time of celebration of Saint-Petersburg's 300th anniversary the house acquired its bygone elegant layout. While the work in addition to reinforcement of footing and walls, renewal of coverings, frame and the roof, a gas boiler room was built. Inside the building the exterior and interior utilities were changed. An atrium was built.

    By now all engineering works on the site are completed and recreation and restoration of the mansion's historical interiors are in process.

    Taleon OJSC has many-years experience of cooperation with the Severo-Zapadny bank of Sberbank of Russia, which provided the group with a substantial part of financing of its investment projects.

    In 2005 Taleon OJSC and its affiliate company The Eliseev Palace Hotel LLC proceeded to the next large-scaled project on enlargement and development of the hotel complex (
Taleon-3 project).

    Taleon OJSC is a dynamically developing company with well-defined goals and specific plans of realization thereof.

    Address: 14/15A, Bolshaya Morskaya str., Saint-Petersburg, 191186, Russia
    Tel.: +7(812)324-99-55, +7(812)324-99-94, fax: +7(812)315-92-87,

    Director General - Alexander EBRALIDZE.